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  • Composite Liner

Composite Liner

  • Raw Material: Wear Resistant Rubber + Wear Resistant Alloy Steel
  • Features: The stress surface is covered with alloy steel, which greatly improves the impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance and wear resistance of the liner.

Composite rubber liner (Rubber+Alloy steel)

Product Material: Abrasion resistant rubber  +  Abrasion resistant alloy steel

Product structure :

     This product mainly includes lifting strips. Simplified village boards, end lifts, etc.

Products characteristics:

      It is different from normal rubber liner, composite rubber liner is made of wear-resistant rubber and wear-resistant alloy. It is produced under High temperature and high pressure.

On the thrust face of linner, it is covered by wear-resistant alloy steel. This can effectively improve the wear resistance, increase the service life. 

Because the large part of the liner is still made of rubber, Composite rubber linner also have rubber advantages, such as convenient installation and replacement, saving power consumption and reducing noise.  

Composite rubber liner can be used in the Ball mill with large diameter ball, or large diameter grinding machine. The diameter of the grinding machine can be φ900-φ10500 The length is not limited.

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