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How to Improve the Production Capacity of Ball Mill?

How to Improve the Production Capacity of Ball Mill?

One. Change the ball mill itself

1. Increase the cylinder volume in a scientific way: For the ball mill with same type and volume, decrease the thickness of the internal lining plate, so the machine weight is decreases and the material capacity is increased. At the same time, the energy consumption is lower, and the productivity of the ball mill is prompted.

2. Change the grinding medium: Change the original spherosome to ellipsoidal globules, which can better increase the contact area between the material and the grinding body, and help increase productivity and reduce consumption.

3. Strengthen the ventilation of the ball mill: Reasonably and effectively strengthen the ventilation volume of the cylinder, which can ensure that the vapour in the cylinder is removed timely, avoid the problems of blockage and adhesion, then effectively improve the grinding efficiency.

Two. Change the external equipment

1. Add fine crusher before the grinding stage can reduce the particle size of grinding materials, thus effectively reducing the load of the ball mill and improving the productivity of ball mill.

2. Keep even feeding can guarantee the running state of ball mill, then improve the production capacity of ball mill.

3. Add high-efficient classifier can promote of quality of particle size of regrinding materials, thereby improving the efficiency of ball mill and ensuring the quality of finished concentrate in the later stage.

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